Recognizing the Best of the Best in Your Agency, we present to you the CSPA Excellence in HR Awards

To support our state agencies' efforts to show appreciation for the outstanding work and initiatives completed by our amazing Human Resource employees, CSPA created the Excellence in HR Awards program as an additional avenue for rewards & recognition within state government. Each year, we host an awards luncheon during our annual conference as a platform for showcasing talent, ingenuity, and great customer service among our peers.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominations received for award recipients are evaluated based on the following:

    • Dates of project/initiative start and completion
    • Objective(s) of the project/initiative
    • Target audience
    • Strategy or implementation of the project/initiative
    • How the nominee(s) exceeded expectations
    • Improvements the nominee(s) made in the delivery of HR services or how they helped to foster excellence in human resources within the work environment, community and state government
    • Creative and innovative achievements the nominee(s) developed to provide outstanding human resource service delivery to customers 
    • Role of the nominee(s) in the implementation of the project/initiative
    • Extent to which the commitment of the nominee(s) to HR excellence impacted the customer(s) or resulted in a more efficient work environment
    • Overall evaluation of the outcomes


Individual Award

Eligibility: Any state agency employee working in a position of HR responsibility who is an active member and/or contributor of CSPA, and who displays exemplary H service and delivers, supports, promotes or provides a true quality-driven culture or experience to internal and/or external customers.

An applicable candidate would be consistently professional, positive, courteous, friendly, serve as a role model, mentor, lead by example, show initiative, serve above and beyond and consistently work outside normal parameters of job class.

An example would be an employee who has made significant contributions to the overall success of the human resources function in which they serve within state government or who goes out of their way to assist customers with special needs. Another example would be an employee who embodies and demonstrates the traits and qualities associated with the consummate human resources professional.

Team Award

Eligibility: Any state agency team, group or unit, in which at least one individual is an active member and/or contributor of CSPA, that has implemented or provided an HR project or initiative that has significantly improved or enhanced the delivery of human resources to customers in a specific area and whose members meet many or all of the criteria listed in the individual category. The team should show initiative, creativity, innovation and a commitment to excellence in human resources. The team could be a group put together for a specific project or one that worked together on a regular basis but performed over and above expectations. The team may serve internal and/or external customers.

The winning team will be one that exceeded expectations, excels in human resources, out performs counter-parts, delivered a creative and effective approach in solving a problem, and shines while working together. This award is truly intended to recognize exceptional and/or unanticipated results in human resources.

An example would be a team that pulled together to implement a new program at field offices and served to assist the public and field personnel through a training and transition period that allowed for a flawless implementation and/or delivery of service(s) in the area of human resources.


Submission Guidelines

In addition to the form, we accept up to three pages of narrative for each nominee.  Additionally, the nomination may include supporting material such as DVDs, videos, photographs, letters, etc.

Nominations should be submitted directly to our Program Chair as follows:

Craig E. Southern

Council for State Personnel Administration

C/O State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA)

245 Peachtree Center Avenue, 2200 Floor

Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Download the nomination form here

For more information, contact Craig Southern directly at (404) 893-6105.


Previous Excellence Award Winners

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